BattleMode 20 Flex Youth Hockey Stick

$119.99 USD


The BattleMode 20 flex is for players that weigh less than 55 lbs and are less than 52" tall. 

  • 47" in height ( From toe to top ) weighing in at 280 grams.
  • Thicker junior shaft and blade for better control
  • One piece construction
  • UD carbon shaft and 3K carbon blade
  • Reinforced shaft for longevity.
  • Sand finish blade for added grip and feel.
  • P92 and P28 curve variants
  • Grip finish

Need help choosing the correct flex or curve?  Watch the video below for some help.  To give you some help, the P92 curve is a moderate curve and the P28 is a more aggressive toe curve that should be better for helping lift the puck.