We Make pro quality Hockey Sticks

for kids

BattleMode Hockey Sticks for Kids

100% Carbon Fiber Light Weight Kids Hockey Sticks -  Choose a stick flex
that is half your body weight for optimal shooting results.

Activate glitch mode

Power on your game

Glitch goals aren't just for chel. Grab yours today.

From the people
Emmett’s been using battlemode sticks for several years. Playing defence and being 4-7years old you are very hard on sticks. I’ve watched several popular make and model sticks come and go in the dressing rooms. However, Mode hockey sticks are the most durable while still being completely comparable to high-end store shelf sticks with performance.
— Attanasio
Thanks Mode Hockey 👊 Kids are loving the gear! Hoodies are excellent quality. Zippered pockets and fuzzy, warm inside.

Sticks are customizable flex, height, patterns. The boys have been loving the shinny sticks at home too. 🏒
— Mike Brown
My son loves the stick. Been rockin' it since Christmas. His last tourney of the season is this weekend.
— Matt Fengler
I like my battlemode stick because I love how it feels and it helps me have a great shot. And I love how cool it looks.
— 9 year old Parker V.
We noticed a difference right away when my son started using his Battlemode stick. It was so light with great flex — we definitely noticed an improvement in his shot and stick handling ability.
— Hockey mom of 9 year old
My son has two battlemode hockey sticks. We had to get a second one as he has loved his first one. He feels confident in his abilities to shoot and guide a puck.
— Author's name